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PrimeBeau Reversible Quilted Recliner Covers

$30.99 USD $35.64
Color: Gray/Beige

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PrimeBeau Reversible Quilted Recliner Covers

From $29.99 USD $34.49

Transform your living space and protect your furniture with the PrimeBeau Reversible Quilted Recliner Covers, a perfect blend of functionality and style. These premium covers are designed to fit a wide range of recliners, with fitted sitting widths of 22” for standard recliners and 28” for oversized recliners. The strong 2” wide strap with a durable metal locker ensures the cover stays in place without sliding, offering hassle-free use.

Color Options: Available in a variety of reversible color combinations such as Desert Sage/Beige, Taupe Brown/Beige, Forest Green/Beige, Black/Grey, and more, these covers allow you to instantly refresh your room's appearance. The reversible feature means you get two looks in one, saving costs and adding versatility to your home décor.


The Reversible Quilted Recliner Covers not only protect your furniture but also enhance your room's aesthetic appeal. Whether you're looking to refresh your space or safeguard your recliner from everyday accidents, these covers are a stylish and practical choice. Please note, while the material is water repellent, it is not 100% waterproof, so immediate action is recommended in case of spills.

Kindly Reminder: For the best fit, we recommend measuring your furniture before ordering. These covers are not recommended for leather furniture.

Adorn your home with sophistication and elegance while ensuring your furniture stays in pristine condition with these reversible, quilted covers.



  • Recliner
  • Oversized Recliner
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